Save The Planet Lockdown Weekend

OK, maybe now is not the time.  We are currently only at the start of a serious COVID-19 pandemic.  The situation is bad and will probably get a lot worse before it gets better, but, it will get better, eventually.

At the moment, in the UK, we are all undergoing ‘lockdown’.  NHS workers and other essential services are still running of course and we are allowed out of the house to walk the dog, exercise or shop but for many this is a very difficult time.  Personally I sort of live in semi-lockdown anyway.  I get up, walk the dog, go for a cycle, shop, play 5 a side and socialise in the pub but as I work from home I’m pretty much in the house all day, most days anyway.  For others though this is a testing time, particularly mentally.  So I had an idea…

After the worst of the virus passes and we get allowed out to play again by the government the pubs will reopen and no doubt many people will go a bit crazy and party like it’s a Prince song.  But wait a minute.  Have you noticed the skies lately?  No contrails, or very few anyway.  The planet is slowly recovering.  Healing itself like the good Gaia it is.  Air pollution is way down as 20% of the planet’s human population is on lockdown at time of writing.  Just a couple of weeks of staying indoors, not driving our cars and adding to the planet’s woes has such a huge impact on the health of everything.

So here’s a suggestion.  OK, it might be August before we can but… How about we have a ‘Save The Planet Lockdown Weekend’?

What would this entail?  Well, one idea is that, if possible, we finish work on a Friday afternoon and invite family and friends around to the house for a few beers, a bit of grub and a group hug.  We can talk about the dark days of the COVID-19 outbreak, remember loved ones who’ve passed, celebrate the fact that we are lucky to be alive and do our bit to help preserve the planet and all the amazing creatures (including us) that live here by not rushing around like mad idiots, stripping supermarket shelves of bog rolls, buying things we don’t need (like more shoes or clothes) and wasting the finite resources we do have.  Let’s just chill.  Spend a whole weekend doing next to nothing.  Enjoy a stress-free few days, go ‘off grid‘.

  • Lock ourselves in for 24 hrs (or even 72 hrs?)
  • Party with family and friends
  • No travelling, working or driving
  • Remember loved ones
  • Toast the NHS and all the other key workers that helped us get through the crisis
  • Relax, breathe deep

A weekend, or even a day, on self-imposed lockdown should help us all appreciate the good things in life and let us be happy with what we do have rather than worry about what we don’t and all those silly little things that don’t really matter, like Brexit, Corbyn v Boris or the biased BBC.  How about it Ponty people?  How about it planet Earth?

Feel free to post the date on our message board 🙂

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