Druids Drink 2020

As I’m sure you all know by now the annual Christmas Day Druids Drink is a permanent fixture in the Ponty social calendar.  However as some of you may have noticed this year we’ve had this nasty little virus buggering things up for us all.  As a result we shall not be officially organising any event over the Rocking Stones this year.

Me and my bubble will probably walk the dog at the same time and place though (12pm) so if anyone happens to do the same thing then Dripford’s storm troopers can’t really blame me if 1000s of people somehow end up converging upon the stone circle.  Some might even argue that a pagan prayer might do more to control Covid than the WAG’s efforts so far.

So, no official event this Christmas.  We’ll just have to wait until end Feb / early March when all over 65s are vaccinated, as that will mean there is no longer a threat to hospitals being overrun and we can get back to normal, hugging, kissing and running naked around the druid circle as usual.

If anyone is about though just make sure you keep to social distancing and only elbow-bump if, as social animals, you decide you need to touch each other.

On a personal note I shall be raising a glass to lost friends and hoping 2021 will be a better year all round.

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