Christmas Shopping 2021

As many of you will know this website costs us money to maintain.  We have the domain name, hosting, not to mention hundreds of hours spent updating it and also moderating the Facebook board associated with this website. So in order to help us pay for it we’ve added links to various sites that give us a small commission if you buy things through these links.  It doesn’t cost you anything of course but by using the online shops / links below you can help keep the site going.

We also appreciate that many of you wish to support local artists rather than make huge multinational companies even richer – fair point, so do we, even though we have to use their platforms sometimes.  And so with this in mind why not support this local writer and photographer – click here.

Just click the banners below:


Wiggle Bikes


The Guide Dogs For The Blind


Cheap Pet Food

Joe Browns

Alibaba UK


Cartridge Monkey

The Royal British Legion



Alibaba UK

Weird Fish

Wex Photography

BBC Magazines

Hamleys Toys

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