So Who Should You Vote For?

Normally a #GeneralElection is pretty boring. About a dozen or so seats in the UK decide who the next government is going to be. We, in Pontypridd, are a safe Labour seat. A donkey (and let’s face it we’ve had our fair share of those in the past) in a red rosette would win. We do our duty, we turn up and vote but it doesn’t really count for anything because Labour always win. Hence Labour themselves become complacent, arrogant even and nothing changes for us. Cardiff Bay is Labour too and Westminster is usually something else. Wales gets screwed, Ponty gets ignored and so it goes.

But this time it really is different. Yep, that word again. #Brexit.

This time, as with the European elections the national vote could be turned upside down. Instead of thinking which party is the least worst, e.g. the Greens, Plaid or Labour, people might decide to vote for a ‘Leaver’ or a ‘Remainer’ instead, regardless of their other policies. The Tories or even the Brexit Party (Dawkins forbid) could actually win! In Ponty of all places. Unthinkable eh?

And there is a new fly in the ointment this time around too. Two flies in Ponty in fact. It’s like the classic Spike Milligan fly in my soup sketch.

The Lib Dems have shafted local hero Mike Powell by going into this ‘undemocratic remain’ pact with Plaid and the Greens.  That means you can’t vote for the Greens or the Lib Dems in Ponty this time around.  However, the good thing about this is that you can actually vote for a local lad, Mike Powell, who is now standing as an indie.

Oh yeh, that second insect in the broth. Or should that be giant elephant that won’t go away in the Jewish Penicillin chicken soup?!  Yep, the good ole Labour Party. Once friend of the poor, working class but now a cesspit of terrorist sympathisers, snowflakes and racists. Who let this shit happen and can we ever get a decent Labour Party back? I doubt it.

So who do we vote for?  No bloody idea is the answer.

OK, I did a few ‘tongue in cheek’ columns on some of the options. In case you missed them try these links below:

Plaid Cymru | Green Party | Lib Dems | Tories | Labour

To be honest I can’t say I like any of them. So, whilst I don’t agree with indie Mike Powell’s stance on Brexit, I do agree with most of the other things he says. And one thing is certain, Mike will give ’em hell in London, fighting for the people of Pontypridd and trying his best to get us all a better deal.

So my vote goes to Mike Powell.

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