Ways that you can Market your Franchise Business

When you have a franchise business, it can be a little more difficult to stand out from the crowd as there are lots of people with a similar product.  However, when you have a great franchise, you can make it happen.  Here we have listed some ways you can market your franchise business effectively to get your name out there.

Maximise Sponsorship Opportunities

There are lots of ways you can maximise sponsorship opportunities to get your brand out there.  Have you thought about sponsoring a local sports team?  Typically, they will have a large fan base that will be loyal to them – so are likely to support the businesses that they promote.  It means that you can enjoy other benefits often too such as being part of members clubs, being pushed on their social media and other advertising mediums.  Make sure you negotiate the best deal possible and get as much exposure for your business as you can.

Post in Local Social Media Groups and Apps

If you do operate a franchise, the likelihood is that you will represent a specific area, which is where social media comes in.  Not only do they offer you advertising options via their ads manager, but there are also local groups where you can sell your services.  The great thing about this is that you can target the exact area you are looking for – and again people are much more likely to support a business they view as local.

Attend Networking Events

Networking is a great way to get introduced to new contacts.  All events are different, but often you will be able to give short presentations about what your business has to offer, and if they are face-to-face meetings – you can dish out business cards too.  Virtual events are much more common these days, as such this can also be more convenient.  You can work them around your calendar fairly easily, and you don’t need to even leave the house!

Email Marketing

Another way of personalising your franchise is to send out regular emails.  It could offer tips and advice, push out resources – or just be general updates as to what you have been up to.  To make life easier, you don’t need to email each existing or potential client individually, you can send out a bulk email.  Here, you can find out how to send mass email.

Push Your Brand on Social Media Regularly

Sometimes the best way to get your personality across online is by pushing it on social media.  Everyone wants to know who is behind the business, it’s an increasingly important factor these days when making purchases.  You can put across your missions and values, as well keep your clients up to date with any events you have been attending, or jobs you have been at. Make sure your social media pages are optimised, and that you have Google My Business which is especially important if you are focusing on a specific location.

Host a Competition

Hosting a competition is a great way to get some brand exposure.  You could give a way a product or service, or else you could team up with another local business and offer them vouchers or money off one of their services.  That way you can mutually benefit from one another’s contacts.

Try Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is seen as a traditional form of marketing however it is incredibly effective.  It essentially is a 24-hour billboard where your company is constantly on display.  There may be things you need to look into such as placement and the level of footfall there – and also make sure there is a well-designed advert.  There are also digital displays available, so you can make more of an impact with a video.

Make LinkedIn your Best Friend

LinkedIn is a professional network and a great way to make connections that could be useful to you.  You can connect with your existing contacts as well as find others via this network.  You can follow hashtags that may be relevant to you, post and follow groups to explore opportunities and also create a company page that you can share updates from.  If you are hosting any online events – you can invite your connections to those via LinkedIn too which will most definitely boost attendance.

If you are in the process of purchasing a franchise or already have one, hopefully these tips will help you well on your way to getting your name out there and stand out from the crowd. There are a lots of new innovative ways to push your brand, so make sure you keep up with the latest digital marketing trends so you aren’t left behind.

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