What Can Tourism in Pontypridd Learn from the Online Casino Industry?

The goal of almost any city or town around the world is to encourage more visitors. Tourism may be a large part of the area’s economy or it may be just a sliver of it. Either way, encouraging more tourists can help boost any area and can lead to a domino effect of prosperous experiences. The local economy could be improved, businesses could spring up, and the entire community could benefit. Summer 2021 may be a long way off, but what can Pontypridd do to encourage tourists. More importantly, what can it learn from online casino about doing so?

Find the Story

Tourism boils down to one key thing: what is the story of the place people are visiting. What are the historical or culturally significant reasons for making the visit? Online casino, specifically online slots, has found a way to use an attractive story overlaid atop traditional slot gameplay to encourage players to engage.

The IGT slot Da Vinci Diamonds embraces history with its connection to Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa. The game uses some of da Vinci’s paintings – Lady with Ermine and the Mona Lisa – wrapped around the traditional slot gameplay. So, Pontypridd just needs to find the main reason why people might be visiting from a cultural or historical standpoint and lean into this. York hasn’t seen a Viking for centuries, but still plays up to its roots as a Viking hub in the middle ages.

Every town or village has a story to offer, especially if tourists are visiting from wildly different locations e.g. central London. Finding what might be taken for granted locally and adapting it to tourists could help create a reason for people visiting.

Make them an Offer

Sometimes having an amazing story and some amazing places to see and things to do just aren’t enough. Consumers who are cash-strapped and time-poor want to know exactly what they’re getting. Luckily, there are ways to communicate to these kinds of potential visitors in a language they recognise: by making them an offer.

Online casinos utilise welcome offers for new customers to help differentiate one site from their competitors. These welcome offers range from free spins for slot games to no-deposit bonuses. Some sites tailor their bonuses to the games they feel they do best, while others offer generic ones to allow the customer themselves to explore. Pontypridd could attempt to provide a financial incentive for those visiting.

These offers could be hotel deals, car parking deals, or even special offers at restaurants and bars. By offering something for those who come, they are more likely to actually visit. When faced with several rival destinations to choose from, one that has a financial incentive attached is likely to win out over one that doesn’t.

Winter may be setting in, but it’s never too early to begin thinking about summer. People are increasingly rejecting material goods for experiences and are wanting to explore their local areas. So, Pontypridd could take advantage of this by suggesting that tourists visit. By finding the story that will pique a potential tourist’s attention and then making them an offer to turn them into a customer, tourism should boom.

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