3 Ways Future Tech Will Make Online Gambling Better in Pontypridd

Online gambling is surging throughout the world and in places like Pontypridd. Much of the growth can be attributed to two things. First, a lot of the world’s countries are starting to recognize the tax revenue potential that would come from letting citizens do what they have already been doing for years through back channels. Let them gamble online legally and reap the rewards of taxes. That’s certainly one of the driving forces behind the growth of online gambling in the U.S.

The other thing that accounts for the growth of internet gambling is the widespread acceptance of gambling in general as a respectable form of adult entertainment. This change has been taking place in a large portion of Europe.

With so much on the line, online casino software developers are working overtime to innovate new and exciting features that will appeal to a new generation of online gamblers. As a case in point, here are three ways technology is changing the online gambling industry for the better.

Mobile Device Apps

Online casino gambling has existed since the turn of the century. It has progressed through the years in line with the latest technologies that existed at any point in time. Gambling through mobile gambling apps, like Mega Moolah slot in IE, has become all the rage.

In the UK, experts estimate that more than 50% of all online gamblers are using their smartphones or tablets to gamble. That’s an amazing number. With that said, the experts are further estimating that the percentage of mobile gamblers will likely reach 80% within the next couple of years. Online gamblers are happy with the opportunity to gamble from anywhere at any time.

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The good news for people who prefer mobile app gambling is the technology has made mobile apps just as functional as a typical online gambling website. Gamblers are thrilled to be getting access to casino games that include cutting edge audio and video features.

Virtual Reality

When Virtual Reality (VR) was introduced to gamers, it set the gaming world on fire. Kids were allowed to step into the world of video games and become part of the action.

That same kind of technology is now coming to market for gamblers who enjoy gambling online. With the right VR googles and a cutting edge controller, online casino gamblers can now enjoy the experience of being in a land-based casino right from their living room or a coffee shop.

The next generation of VR technology for gamblers will include a focus on the games themselves. Imagine for a moment that a VR video slot will include interactive bonus features that will allow gamblers to step right into the heart of the game and become the driving force behind the action. That technology is right around the corner.


One of the reasons the masses have been slow to embrace online gambling is the sharing of information. When someone registers with an online gambling site, they have to provide addresses, phone numbers, and banking information. That doesn’t sit well with gamblers who would prefer to keep their activities private. Enter Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a fairly new technological innovation. Through the use of a decentralized blockchain registry, Bitcoin users can move money about with total anonymity. Because of that anonymity, some online gambling sites are offering to accept Bitcoin and a viable means of exchange. That is opening the door to gamblers who just want privacy.

In the future, online gambling websites will likely start accepting other cryptocurrencies. The advantages of using crypto to fund gambling accounts and make withdrawals are too important to ignore. Aside from the anonymity, gamblers also benefit from the low to no transfers fees charged for crypto transactions. They also benefit from having their transactions transacted within seconds, eliminating the need for online casinos to hold funds.

The online gambling industry is committed to staying around for the long haul. They plan to do this by embracing new technologies and giving gamblers what they want.

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