Black Friday

Enough of this American crap I say.  The real ‘Black Friday’ as we all know is the last Friday before Christmas, whatever date that falls on.  It is the most popular night for office and factories Christmas parties, which consequently makes it one of the busiest nights in the year for ambulances and the police.  July and August has ‘miners fortnight’ or ‘factory fortnight’ and Christmas has Black Friday.  Don’t let the Yanks and their planet-killing consumerism destroy one of the best nights out for us Celts.

Forget the Irish, it’s the Welsh who really like a drink. Pub culture is strong in the country and socialising usually revolves around alcohol. Cardiff has been called the binge drinking capital of Europe many times and in 2018 it was proven that Wales had the highest levels of binge drinkers anywhere in the UK, after the Office of National Statistics carried out a survey. The report found almost one in seven adults (14%) in Wales had on occasion drunk 14 units of alcohol in a single day.  Yeh I know, laughable eh!  That’s only 7 pints.  Everyone I know drinks more than that and double on a special occasion, of which there are many…

So, let’s reclaim #BlackFriday as a Welsh thing, a bit like #MeToo for real ale lovers.

OK, all joking aside – enjoy yourselves, get lashed up but be careful.

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