Pontypridd: Brother and Sister Crowned Winners of Nationwide Children’s Halloween Competition

Following a very popular and successful nationwide competition, online discount toy store Bargain Max has now announced its 3 winners of their children’s spooktacular Halloween competition.

In what has been an inspiring and spooky competition for kids across the UK, the first prize winner is Ethan and Megan Fish (brother and sister aged 8 and 4) from Pontypridd, Wales who entered their Goosebumps inspired Lego featuring a famous scene from Goosebumps haunted Halloween where all of R.L Stine’s creations are set free from the book by Slappy the ventriloquist dummy.

Ethan and Megan both love Goosebumps, and they created this scene using various lego character sets that they took apart and rebuilt to make the spooky characters. They were crafty by first printing and then making their volcano background. They made purple slime using a slime kit, setting up the spooky scene between them.

In such strange times where families across Wales are in a National lockdown, a Halloween competition was welcomed by many. This spooky entry by Brother and Sister Ethan and Megan was well received by Bargain Max who asked parents to specifically look at using toys / materials in the home to create a Halloween character or spooky film scene.

The ‘Halloween at home’ competition, which opened to children aged 0-16 on October 6th, saw over 50 parents enter their children’s spooky Halloween creations, to be in with a chance of winning one of the top three prizes. First place receives a Bargain Max £100.00 gift voucher, second prize wins a Bargain Max £50.00 gift voucher and third, a toy of choice up to the value of £25.00.

Brother and Sister Ethan and Megan are both over the moon to be chosen as the winner of this nationwide competition.

Mother of Ethan and Megan Katy Watkins commented:

“Wow that is amazing thank you so much!!! They are so thrilled they have just spent the last 10 minutes phoning all our family to tell them and haven’t stopped smiling! Our plans for Halloween are to decorate the house, play lots of Halloween games and then snuggle up in the dark and watch their favourite spooky film goosebumps with some Halloween treats!”

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