Recent Developments In Town

Exciting times indeed.  We’ve just heard about a new, artsy, retro-themed, oldie-worldie, whisky and real ale bar is due to open in Market Square soon.  At last, the council is looking forward and can see the future of small towns like Ponty is indie traders.

Last month we had the launch of the new indie book shop down Mill St and we also have a trendy tea and coffee shop in Taff St.  There are also rumours of a new ‘lounge’ bar in the new precinct development so Ponty is looking up.

Well, it would be if Drippy Drakeford and Co. allowed people to live their lives again…  Only recently a new study found 92% herd immunity in Wales!  Estimates of the infectiousness of Covid-19 indicate that even the most transmissible mutations can be stopped once we get to 80-85% immunity – well, wake up people, wake up Drippy and Eluned – we are already way past that!  End Lockdown Now!  Open Everything Up Now!  What the hell are you waiting for?

Back to shops though.  A slightly concerning development in the high street is the number of Kurdish / Turkish businesses, i.e Turkish barbers, sweet shops and two Polish food shops.  Now before looney lefties with their heads stuck up their arses shout ‘racist’ I’m not suggesting that anything untoward is going on in town.  In fact the Kurds are well-known for their expertise in male grooming, but as towns all over the UK have modern day slaves working in car washes, tyre places, Vietnamese nail bars, fast food outlets, Indian restaurants, kebab shops, and living upstairs in these premises, we have to be vigilant.

I’m not saying that there is anything illegal going on in Ponty (like people using cash businesses for money laundering, people trafficking, prostitution, drugs etc.) but at the very least the police and the council should be keeping a careful eye on all new businesses, as we wouldn’t want Ponty to be known for its connections to the slave trade.

Anyway, on a brighter note, hopefully very soon we can look forward to RCT granting a license to this new and exciting venture in town (the retro bar) and hope Drippy in the Bay will finally read that GCSE biology book I bought him two Christmases ago and we can finally get back to normal – no masks and no social distancing!

Roll on Wales Freedom Day…

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