What PMM acrylic can be used for

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMM), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass, is a clear and rigid thermoplastic material that is widely used as a shatterproof replacement for glass. Many businesses across the world are using this PMM acrylic in their products as not only does the material have a high resistance to UV light and weathering, but the sheets also have excellent light transmission and come in many different colour options. If you are usure as to PMM acrylic is and what its uses are, then keep reading to find out what PMM acrylic can be used for.


One of the first things that PMM acrylic can be used for is lighting. PMM acrylic, such as the Clarex acrylic sheets, can be used for designing LED lights and can also even be used in the construction of lamps. The material is commonly used in lighting as the transparency and optical properties of the PMM acrylic greatly helps to maximize light emitting potential from any LED light or lamp.

Construction and architecture

PMM acrylic is a commonly used material in both construction and architecture. Due to the materials excellent impact and UV resistance, PMM acrylic is widely used in windows, doors, canopies and even in panels. Not only does PMM acrylic easily transmit light, but the material also provides great heat insulation for all types of construction and architecture. This means that the material is commonly used in green houses, as PMM acrylic sheets are extremly beneficial at helping plants within the green house to grow.

Automotive and transportation

PMM acrylic is also commonly used in automotive and transportation. PMM acrylic sheets can be used for a number of different things in automotive and transportation, such as in car windows, motorcycle windshields, interior and exterior panels, and even in fenders. Coloured PMM acrylic sheets can also be used as vehicle indicators lights and interior light cover. This proves that the material, such as the Clarex acrylic sheets, is not only durable and highly resistant, but it is also extremly multifunctional.

Medical and healthcare

The high purity and low maintenance of PMM acrylic means that it is a great material to use in medical and healthcare. PMM acrylic can be used to fabricate incubators, drug testing devices, and also storage cabinets in hospitals and research labs. The material is very easy to clean and is sterile, making it a great material to use in medical and healthcare facilities.


One of the last things that PMM acrylic sheets are commonly used in is in electronics. Due to the material’s excellent optical clarity, high light transmission and scratch resistance, PMM acrylic is widely used in products such as LCD/LED television screens, laptops, smartphones display as well as electronic equipment displays.

As you can see, there are a number of different uses for and functions of PMM acrylic. Not only can PMM acrylic be used in many different things, but the material also offers some fantastic benefits.

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