The ABCs of CBD Oil in Wales

CBD oil is increasingly more popular throughout Wales with more and more consumers rushing to try the product thanks to 1000s of anecdotal reports of its wellness benefits! The total UK CBD market is now forecast to be worth close to £1 billion a year by 2025.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol as it is also sometimes known, is a compound that is naturally found in the cannabis plant.

But while the cannabinoid is a cousin of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD will not make users high and it is legal to use in the UK. There are some limits to how much THC can be included in CBD products that are available to sell in Wales, but this is not usually a problem at all.

In fact, the cannabis plant has dozens of different cannabinoids, so the differences between the impacts of CBD and THC are quite profound. Studies continue to be carried out to investigate the positive impact of CBD on the body and the mind. However, anecdotal reports in the UK are already finding that using CBD can be truly life-changing.

Different ways to use CBD in Wales

Newcomers to CBD have a few different options to try it out for the first time. It is recommended to start with a small dose to assess the impact, then increase it later on if necessary.

CBD oil drops – which are taken by placing them under the tongue – are still one of the most common ways to take CBD in Wales. The taste of CBD oil drops can put some people off though – it is definitely an acquired taste! But there are flavours available to make it more palatable and some people actually like how CBD oil tastes when taken in this way too.

Capsules of CBD can also be taken, which means it is ingested in the same way as food. This will likely have a slower impact than when CBD oil is absorbed under the tongue. This is the fastest way to feel the effect of CBD oil for a lot of people, with the impact taking around 15 minutes to be felt. However, the impact also wears off the quickest when taking CBD like this.

Companies are becoming increasingly innovative when it comes to the products that they sell. For example, did you know that it is even possible to buy CBD gummies now? ZenBears recently launched in the UK offering 20mg of CBD per bear, these sweets are a popular way to test the impact of CBD for the first time. CBD cocktail bitters are also available now, so the list of CBD products is growing very fast indeed.

Advice for people trying CBD oil for the first time

With so many new CBD products out there, it can be daunting for those seeking to test it out.

It is recommended members of the public consult with their doctor before trying CBD. There are not likely to be any issues with doing so, but it is always worth checking with a medical expert.

The impact of CBD can be affected by other medications you are taking, so ask your doctor. Research has suggested CBD could affect medication, with more studies still needed on this.

Starting small is also advised. If using CBD oil under the tongue, begin with a low dose. Just a single drop under the tongue should be enough to give an idea of the impact CBD oil can have. Users can then scale up the dose of CBD oil that they can take until they feel the effect is right.

Many people trying CBD oil for the first time do so in a vape. Using CBD oil in this way usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes to have an impact, so be careful not to take too much at once.

Various factors will also have an effect on what sort of impact CBD oil has on you. These include your body chemistry and weight – heavier people might need to take more. But be careful. Taking too much CBD can result in side effects such as fatigue and diarrhoea.

Research is also needed when buying CBD. The industry is not regulated well, a 2019 study found that many products on the UK market had less than the advertised dosage, and some even contained no CBD at all.

Medical benefits of using CBD

In the UK, high-street CBD oil products are sold as food supplements and no medicinal claims can be made. For those seeking medicinal benefits of CBD it is always best to consult with a professional doctor to discuss the best course of action, you can read more about medical cannabis on the NHS website.

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