New Precinct Development

Well, it’s taken a couple of years and opinion is still pretty much divided amongst local residents (50:50 I’d say) but the new Pontypridd ‘precinct’ development is almost finished.

I have to admit, whilst I started out quite sceptical I’m now thinking what the heck, it’s actually quite nice. True, it doesn’t fit in with the old Victorian heritage of old Ponty, there are no shops, pubs or restaurants but it’s good having the library in the centre of town (even though the old building is stunning) and there’s a plush new gym upstairs.

Lots of nice seating areas overlooking the river, which is something we’ve been campaigning for, for over 25 years, so on the whole great. Let’s hope the council and more importantly, the people, appreciate it and treat the new area with respect.

As well as council workers there will also be 100’s of workers in the other two huge buildings so every Friday afternoon and evening the ‘Wonky bar’ should be packed (Covid-19, 20 and 21) willing of course.

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