Want to Improve Your Online Offering? Here’s How the Online Casino Industry Could Help You

For shop owners in Wales, no matter how small, it’s no longer enough to exist solely in the offline sphere. As businesses become ever more competitive, it’s important that you’re able to attract an audience from further afield too, and this means focusing on your online offering and image.

One way to help grow your internet customer base is through promotions and special offers, and an industry that knows more than anyone how to use these to their advantage is the online casino sector. There are thousands of different providers located around the globe, and the most successful of these understand exactly how to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Here are three important lessons online casinos can teach you.

Run a number of different promotions at once

When it comes to attracting new customers, one sure-fire way to draw them in is by providing an incentive that’s too good to refuse. What we mean by this is that any promotions you host have to be appealing enough to make consumers take a risk and shop with you – a company that is, to all intents and purposes, an unknown entity at present. Running only one promotion will not achieve this; rather, there needs to be something for everyone.

Following this approach, online casino Betfair acts as a prime example, providing a range of casino bonus options for players to choose from rather than one-size-fits-all promo. These currently include 30 free spins, a bonus of up to £100, and a 100% match bonus for those who play live.

This same logic should be applied to your own online offerings.

Target new customers

It’s not only about running lots of different promotions, but considering who exactly you’re targeting with your various offers too. For example, in order to attract shoppers who haven’t bought from you before, you’ll need to run promotions that appeal to this demographic specifically.

One way to do this is by offering a discount on an individual’s first order, whether this is a modest 10% off or a more attractive 40%.

While it’s up to you to decide exactly what form this should take, remember that the overarching goal is for it to act as an incentive to purchase – one that makes you seem like the superior prospect when compared to your competitors and those your customers have bought from before.

Reward loyalty

As well as targeting new customers, you can also use special offers and promotions to reward and instil loyalty in your previous purchasers. This is a tactic that casinos use as a matter of course, and it can have an incredibly positive impact on customer retention rates.

One of the reasons this is so useful is because it costs significantly less to retain customers than it does to attract them. The reasoning behind this is simple: you’re not asking them to take a risk on you but rather to return to a tried-and-tested entity who they’ve hopefully had a previous positive experience with.

This means that, as a rule, even a small incentive can help to bring in sales.

Isn’t it time you tried to grow your business beyond the borders of Wales and took your products to the rest of the world too?

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