The Best Tech Careers Available

With the significant progression in technology in recent years, there has never been a better time to find a job in advanced technology. With so many tech start-ups succeeding, there are many different types of roles within the industry that you can apply for. As well as the obvious benefits of working in a progressive and exciting industry, working for a tech firm usually pays exceptionally well, offers excellent opportunities for career progression, and a range of attractive employee benefits. In this post, we look at six of the best tech careers available in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

Engineers skilled in artificial intelligence are in high demand right now, as industries worldwide shift their focus towards the emerging field of automation. With AI being widely used in so many different businesses to improve the customer experience, AI designers and engineers are likely to be in demand for the foreseeable future. AI engineers are skilled at programming data to support machines to function, and it’s an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of.

Computer research scientist 

Computer research scientists are at the forefront of technological innovation and are among the most sought-after positions in the tech industry. The research they conduct explores new boundaries within the tech sector and helps drive the advancement and capabilities of computers. Computer research scientists have excellent career progression opportunities and are handsomely paid for their work.

Web developer 

Web developers are responsible for building the programs behind most of the tech that we use in our everyday lives. Every time you log onto a website on your computer’s browser, it has been created by a web developer. Although entry-level salaries are not the highest, you can earn an excellent salary with great work-from-home benefits as you progress throughout your career. Some of the biggest companies in the world have in house web development teams, betting sites like spend hours upon hours every day fine tuning their web design, as customer experience is everything and as such, salaries can be higher in such companies.

Data scientist 

It seems that the world is powered by data right now. Social media companies and businesses with an online presence use data to predict customer behaviour patterns and boost sales. Data scientists spend their time engaging with data for large companies and identifying patterns to support the company’s growth. Integral to the future of online sales and marketing, jobs for data scientists are unlikely to be in short supply.

Information security analyst 

Like data scientists, information security analysts complete a crucial role in today’s online world. Security analysts work with online businesses to protect their data and important details, as well as the sensitive information of their customers. Security analysts utilise several strategies to ensure data is secured safely and cannot be easily stolen by hackers. It’s helpful to have a degree in computer science to land a security analyst position.

Software engineer 

Perhaps the most versatile and exciting job on this list so far, software engineers find themselves completing several tasks for various businesses. If you think about the vast number of apps available on your phone or tablet, you will understand just how complex and varied the job of a software engineer must be. Software engineers are so vital to the tech industry, as they provide the software used in industries the world over.

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