Be Nice To Cyclists

Britain’s two largest cycling organisations are asking the public to show some kindness towards cyclists amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cycling UK and British Cycling have come together by publishing an open letter in ‘The Times’ calling on the public to show tolerance towards cyclists during the lockdown, following a worrying spate of hostile incidents.

In recent weeks, cyclists have been targeted with aggressive behaviour from motorists and signs telling them to go home. Actions that just highlight the ignorance and fear of many people.

For the record there is no evidence to suggest that cyclists are any more likely to spread the disease than runners and walkers, so to target a group of people who happen to be exercising in a different way is just plain wrong.

The Government’s guidance since the beginning of the lockdown has continued to encourage cycling for daily exercise, in recognition of the substantial physical and mental health benefits it provides to the many millions of people taking part.  Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and there is no compelling scientific evidence that cycling poses any more risk for transmission of the virus provided social distancing measures are sensibly applied.

Of course, cyclists need to ride responsibly at this time, and should only ride alone or with those they live with, and never in groups.

Last week, Cycling UK wrote to council leaders in England, Scotland and Wales urging them to adopt temporary measures to allow more space for cyclists on our roads.  You can lend your voice in support of this campaign by using the link below to email your local councillor explaining how setting up additional space for cyclists on our roads can be achieved quickly and at low cost.

Full article / contact your council

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