Don’t Stop Using Cash!

Anyone noticed that everyone wants you to use bank / credit cards instead of cash nowadays?  Chip and pin, swipe, tap and so on.  STOP IT!  Don’t make it easy for them – insist on cash.  If you don’t put away your cards then they are one step closer to a government-sponsored digital currency – and that is the end of life as we know it if that ever happens.

Think about it.  Instead of cash you get ‘digital credits’ that you can spend in shops, pubs, for all purchases.  Your employer just credits your account.  BUT, the government can then, at any time, decide that a £1’s worth of credits is only actually worth 90p.  Admin fee, you know.  Inflation problems, fuel, war…  Any savings could be made worthless overnight.

Also.  You take a holiday, pay for it with credits, all good.  Then later in the year you try to book a short break and are refused as you’ve used up your ‘carbon credits’.  You can of course buy more, like Prince Harry or Leo DiCaprio… yeh really.  Their plan is total control of all aspects of freedoms we take for granted.  Resist.

In addition to using cash for more and more things we should also use barter – swap goods and services with each other.  I fix your computer and you build me a wall.  I give you some free range eggs and you give me some tomatoes and potatoes from the allotment.  We need to get ahead of the game.  And please convince the kids what a dangerous game they are playing.

Remember when they said to use the machines in banks instead of speaking to a cashier.  Banks are closing everywhere, people are losing their jobs.

If you think this is a conspiracy theory just look at China.  A world leader when it comes to surveillance, censorship, and political oppression.  They already have facial recognition software that prevents individuals without ‘good scores’ entering certain areas.  Once we add money to the equation we have a totalitarian regime Drakeford would be proud of.

As ‘The Ron Paul Institute‘ says: “The ability to track citizens’ transactions, access their financial data, control and freeze the account of anyone that presents a potential threat, it all opens the door to the ultimate oppression: total control over private resources, over people’s livelihoods and their capacity to cover their basic needs.”

Seriously people.  Don’t ignore this warning.

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