Downsizing Your Office Space: What You Need To Know

Many businesses are finding themselves needing significantly smaller amounts of office space in 2021 compared to previous years. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more of our country’s workforce is working remotely than ever before. Large office spaces for many businesses are becoming an unnecessary drain on company finances.

If your business is considering making remote working a permanent fixture for your workers, then downsizing your offices could be a fantastic way to save money during this challenging time. With this in mind, here are some of our top tips for reducing the size of your office.

Discuss Changes With Your Team

For some employees, working from home is perfect, while for others, it can have negative consequences for productivity and mental health. Before making any decisions, you should ask for the honest opinions of your staff.

A team is the beating heart of any business, so taking into account your staff’s views on downsizing is vital. Once you have a picture of how many of your employees will wish to remain working remotely and those who will want to return to the office when possible you will have a better idea of the scale of downsizing needed.

Store Sensitive Documents And High-Value Equipment Securely

With a smaller office, you will inevitably have less storage space. This will mean that older records and high-value office items will need to be safely stored offsite. If this is the case for your office, you should ensure that you utilise a commercial storage facility’s services.

When storing sensitive data and documentation, security is crucial. You should research the storage options available and choose one with excellent security measures in place.

Take a look at the Oxford storage options available for commercial use with Jennings Containers & Storage. Jennings have top-notch security in place for cost-effective solutions for any business, providing you with the peace of mind needed when storing sensitive and high-value office equipment.


Downsizing your office will provide you with the opportunity to find a new location for your business if you wish. This can be perfect for allowing you to move to a location closer to transport links or city centre office spaces that would previously have been too small for your business.

Reducing your employees’ commuting time or enabling them to walk or cycle to work will positively impact the overall morale and employee satisfaction at work.

Consider Your Carbon Footprint

Downsizing your office will automatically reduce the amount of emissions your office is responsible for. Ensuring that your new office is close to footpaths and cycle paths is also a great way to promote eco-friendly commuting practices among your employees.

One of the unexpected silver linings to the coronavirus pandemic has been a considerable reduction in commuting emissions. Many employees and businesses alike are keen to continue this positive trend even when workers return to offices.

If you want to make your business a greener one, you could look for an eco-friendly office space. You will have greater potential to find something green when are looking for smaller office spaces.

Take Your Time

Deciding on a new office should be a well thought out process. When first setting up a business and office, time is of the essence for selecting your new workspace. If you are downsizing your office, you have plenty of time to find the office to suit you, your staff, and your business’s evolving needs.

Consider your move from all angles to find the right new office space. When selecting a new office have a list of requirements, with input from your staff, to ensure that you find the right place for your business and your team.

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